My life has been filled with many wonderful opportunities to make people smile, laugh or be amazed. My degree is in communications, but I mainly studied theatre along with film. I spent some time after college as a model and actor, but spent most of my years growing up as a professional magician.

Throughout the entire time I’ve always had a camera in my hand. After settling down In Fargo with my wife, I decided it was time to pursue what seemed logical for me since the beginning and continuing to make people smile and be amazed. I have always loved photography and decided to take my passion for capturing a moment, which any camera can do…and show how I capture the emotion too. “A photograph is usually looked at- seldom looked into.” (Ansel Adams)

I’d love to work with you, together preserving the feeling from those moments in life we so very much want to keep. I love to take portraits, whether it be children, family, engagement, maternity or even newborn. I’m not an author, I can’t write stories, only moments because I think in photographs.I’m an artist and I paint with light.

The Workspace

Beyond the initial photograph, past the shutter "click" you'll find the post production. Editing my photographs is something i take great pride in and you'll find my personal touch on every image in my portfolio. With my background in film and IT I not only have the technical knowledge to achieve a polished end result, but I actually enjoy it! I use a combination of Adobe Lightroon 5 and Photoshop CS and have been working with both for years. Having seen both products evolve from their first versions, I've seen what both have previosly been capable of so I have a better understanding of what they both are capable of now.